A simple comparison of Sping vs. Unity 3D.

Built-in RTS features

Comparing Spring v0.95 to the Unity community RTS prototype.

Features Spring Unity 3D
Basic Movement Yes Yes
Movement Queues Yes No
Patrol (with queues) Yes No
Building Construction Yes Yes
Building Construction Queues Yes No
Basic AI Yes Yes
Basic Pathfinding Yes Yes
Minimap Yes No
Multiplayer With Lobby Client and External Server No
Resources Fixed "energy" and "metal" Customizeable

Time to implement features

  • Very difficult - At least 20 hours of work for most developers.
  • Difficult - Between 10-20 hours of work.
  • Moderate - Between 5-10 hours of work.
  • Easy - Less than 5 hours of work.
Feature Difficulty for Spring Difficulty for Unity
Minimap N/A Difficult
Multiplayer Moderate (to re-package the Lobby) Very difficult1
Custom Resources Very difficult Easy
Action Queues N/A Very difficult
  1. Can be made much easier with the use of a networking service, such as Photon PUN (from $9/mo/100 concurrent users to $200/mo/1000 extra concurrent users)

Engine features

Feature Spring Unity 3D
Distribution License GPLv2 for code Whatever you want
Modern 3D Rendering Yes Yes
OS Support Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android iOS, WebPlayer, and others Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
Map Editor Yes, but complicated pipeline Yes, with IDE
Language Support C++ and Lua C#, UnityScript, or Boo :(
GUI actor editor(s) No, script-based Yes
Graphics configuration Yes, via Spring Lobby Yes, in-game or via launch utility
Art-pipeline Requires Upspring for custom format Built-in support for most formats
Documentation Absolute garbage (seriously) Very good
Commercial Games Yes, as long as source code is made public Yes, no strings attached
Performance Exceptionally good (mostly C++) Very good (mostly C#)


Feature Spring Unity 3D
Steam Yes, C++ source Yes, with "pro" version ($99/mo)
Installer Manually Build Manually Build