Below are a few examples of some of my more popular projects. Most of the stuff I've done isn't really worth sharing. The stuff on this list hopefully is.



A static file Python wiki engine that powers this site. Licensed under MIT.


A light-weight ORM designed to work with existing schemas. Licensed under MIT. Update: This project is now deprecated due to improvements with SQLAlchemy.


A very simple dice rolling script designed for use on mobile browsers. It took about 2 hours from start to finish. Licensed under MIT.


Clicking Bad

A simple Cookie Clicker clone written in JavaScript. I used Mustache.js for display, and many jQuery features for animation and simplification of code. Licensed under MIT.

Ned vs. Zed

An HTML5 game developed with the Construct 2 IDE and SDK. Graphics were made with Inkscape. The Kongregate API interaction is done with a Python server made with Flask.

Upgrid TD

A 3D tower defense written in Unity 3D. Song Tan provided the basic framework for the spawn system. I wrote the targetting and upgrade system from scratch using C#. I used Wings 3D for the models, and Gimp for the textures.

Clicking Bad App

An Android App version of Clicking Bad. I used Eclipse and PhoneGap to publish to Google Play.